Inside the Music World: The Care & Prevention of Performance Injuries

While browsing through twitter feeds this morning, I came across an interesting article by British/French cellist Corinne Morris entitled "Why Doesn't the Classical Music Industry Take Injury Seriously?" On her guest blog for Gramophone, Ms. Morris points to her own career that was sidelined by an injury. And she brings up some other interesting quirks about the care and feeding of performance careers in music as well. An interesting read.

In its attitudes towards musicians (all performers really), it does seem as the music industry is way behind the sports world. Janet Horvath--musician and health advocate--refers to musicians as the "elite athlete of the small muscles" and has authored a wonderful guide for performers and those of us in working and managing performers to help prevent injuries. You can find more about Horvath's work and this little gem, Playing (less) hurt on her website.

With regard to performance injuries, one can blame the "industry," but as with all aspects of one's career one also has to take part in your own care and development. Horvath's book is a good place to start and begin creating an awareness of how we practice and perform, enabling ourselves to take care of our bodies as well as our spirits.