Embracing the Winter Solstice ...

And wishing everyone happy holidays!

Girl with Christmas Wreath.jpg

With the Winter Solstice upon us, the wreath goes up. While there are a variety of takes on the history of the wreath, I choose to look at it as a sign of perseverance through the winter months ahead. That the coming spring is a reminder of the importance of maintaining hope and faith in ourselves as we continue in our work and sharing our talents.

As the shortest day of the year has arrived, the sun is at its lowest and weakest. It is the pivot point from which the light grows and brighter; a fleeting moment. The fears we may have as we face the dark and cold of winter, or the doubts in ourselves and perhaps career choices, will slowly melt away. As we forge into the new year, let us take stock, celebrate with joy and gratitude, and move forward with fortitude!

Here's to Looking Forward to a Fantastic New Year!