Pursuing a career as a performing musician or composer is where art converges with commerce.

Artist development can help create the circumstances of commercial opportunity, open the door and prepare the artist to be ready to walk through it. Luck is a much a part of a successful artist's career as talent and diligence. Many artists have been in that fortunate position of opportunity and timing, but have not been prepared or positioned to make the most of it.

Artist Development is the work of an artist manager as the coordinator of a support network of individuals with relevant skills and knowledge to assist the artist in the strategic planning and implementation of activities to obtain meaningful work and evolve as an artist.

An artist manager is one who works alongside the artist to understand their goals and vision in order to provide direction within the marketplace. The manager becomes a coach, an advisor, an ally, a negotiator, a promoter and most importantly, a confidant who strives to do everything in his or her power to advance one's career, while allowing the artist to concentrate on rehearsing, performing, writing, recording, and pursuing their artistic vision.

The role of artist development has traditionally been filled by major concert promoters and/or record labels. This rarely happens today. The performer and composer are now, more often than not, faced to embrace the mechanics of their career on their own.  

Music is Spiritual. The music business is not.

 —Van Morrison, London Times (July 1990)

Green Room Artist Development, LLC was established in late 2011 as a boutique venture by Elizabeth Friedman to facilitate and develop the careers of young artists and those individuals and ensembles in transition, allowing the artist to focus energies on artistic vision, a balanced lifestyle, and sustainability. 

In addition to providing artist development and management services, Green Room Artist Development, LLC also provides arts administrative support for special projects, ensembles, and concert venues with a strong interest in the Cultural Data Project and artist residencies. 


Green Room Artist Development, LLC is a proud member of Chamber Music America (CMA), the North American Performing Arts Managers and Agents (NAPAMA), and the Freelancers Union.

A closet piano and trumpet player, Liz Friedman has an intrinsic passion for creativity, music, and the performing arts. With 20+ years experience in arts administration and managing performing artists along with a deep passion for the arts and creative collaboration, Liz enjoys providing artist development and management services for emerging and professional classical and jazz performers and composers.

Based in New York's Greater Capital Region, Liz has worked with individual performing artists and ensembles such as pianist Rose Chancler, Albany Pro Musica, the Four Nations Ensemble, Glimmerglass Opera and Orchestra, Tri-Cities Opera, Whitney Ballet Theatre, Cider Mill Playhouse, The Joey Thomas Big Band, and Ricochet Duo. She has also worked with composers Iván Enrique Rodriguez, Rob Ryndak, and Christian M.K. Martin. Holding a variety of positions with The Egg Center for the Performing Arts, Proctor’s Theatre, and The Troy Savings Bank Music Hall has given Liz an extremely diverse perspective in arts administration.

The majority of the work Green Room Artist Development, LLC provides is focused on the business side of the artist's life or assisting an ensemble to operate as a small business. At some point, the issue of taxes enters into the picture. Liz is a Registered Tax Professional, and her tax services are provided through H&R Block.

Liz has a Masters professional diploma in Artist Management from Berklee College of Music, an M.B.A. from the University at Albany School of Business, and a B.A. in Theatre with a concentration in Production and Stage Management. She is also an Interlochen alum having spent two wonderful summers at the National Music Camp in Michigan studying trumpet and music history.

In addition to fulfilling her duties as personal assistant to her Diva Dog, Liz also manages and edits the companion Website HudsonSounds.org as classical music and dance resources for New York’s greater Capital Region, Western Massachusetts, and Southern Vermont.